Presentation: Business Negotiations in Japan

About the Presentation 

The objective of this presentation is to provide EU Businesses with concrete tools to conduct negotiations with Japanese business partners. Negotiation in itself is rarely an instinctive matter. It therefore requires training and thorough preparation. Negotiation in a different cultural context is all the more complex and therefore requires a specific focus. This presentation aims to provide EU Businesses with keys to prepare for the challenges they might face in their negotiations with Japanese counterparts. 

Presentation: Effective Collaboration with the Japanese

About the Presentation 

This presentation will introduce you to the various cultural and behavioural differences between Japanese and European cultures and how they may impact on your business dealings with Japan. You will gain an insight into Japanese management practices, decision making processes, and how to best collaborate with Japanese leadership and organisational structures.

Presentation: The Realities of Business in Japan

About the Presentation 

This presentation will outline and explain the various distribution channels which are available to you for your business venture in or with Japan. By the end of this presentation you will be familiar with the existing distribution channels in Japan. You will also be able to assess the differences which companies and their staff might face in exporting to or doing business with Japan. Finally, you will also be familiar with the latest changes Japan’s distribution channels.

Presentation: Japanese Culture

About the Presentation 

This presentation provides a brief introduction to the major elements that have shaped Japanese culture over the course of its long and rich history. In particular, this presentation shall examine: 1) The importance of understanding and respecting Japanese culture during business dealings with the Japanese, 2) Key facts about Japan and how they impact upon Japanese culture, and 3) Important tips about the Japanese mentality and Japanese perceptions of the rest of the world.

Cool Japan

The wide range of potential benefits to be gained from doing business with or in Japan can perhaps be best demonstrated by the considerable global popularity of Japanese culture.

Lost in Translation

Politeness and formality are characteristic of business communication in Japan. In order to successfully enter the Japanese market, it is vital that you build up good working relationships with your Japanese contacts, partners or suppliers by respecting and following proper business etiquette.

Negotiation Process

Because of a wide range of historical, geographical and social factors, decision-making in Japan is a much more group-oriented activity than in Europe, and Japanese businessmen are as a result much more interested in preserving group harmony and ensuring as broad a co


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