Regional & local supplier qualifications

When preparing for tendering at regional and local level, it will be necessary to consult with the procuring entity regarding the formalities to obtain supplier qualifications.  While national entities and prefectures are covered by the Unified Supplier Qualification system, all other entities varying from large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka to smaller municipalities will require separate procedures.

Many procuring entities employ designated periods when suppliers are required to apply, but also have separate procedures to apply outside of this period.  The validity of the supplier qualification varies as well, for instance the qualifications in Tokyo are valid for a maximum of two years.

 Regional and local suppliers do not provide foreign language instructions to obtain the qualifications.  If you wish to apply for supplier qualifications for a regional or local procuring entity, the JTPP Helpdesk can assist you.

 Large entities with separate supplier qualification procedures (With link to relevant page in Japanese)