Tender Monitoring & information

Government institutions all over Japan publish thousands of calls for tender every day.  Large Japanese companies often have designated staff who monitor the websites of the procuring entities interesting for their business activities.  Foreign companies that are interested in supplying to government entities in Japan are dependent on the portals  offering tender information in English, if they have not Japanese language capabilities.

 As these portals have their limitations in scope, JTPP Helpdesk can assist you in finding tenders that might be of interest for you and point out to you where to look.

 In the case of very specific requests, JTPP Helpdesk can offer limited monitoring of tenders for a set period of time. Please not that limited here means that we cannot perform nation-wide monitoring for you, but if you wish to target specific procuring entities, we might be able to assist you, with tailor-made support.

 Please get in touch with us, to discuss the possibilities.