Payment procedures

As many other countries, Japan charges penalties for any delay in the payment or the filling of the tax returns.

Japanese tax system offers a wide range of possibilities to pay taxes:

  • Over-the-counter payment at a tax office, a financial institution, a post office, or in a convenience store. This payment is made by cash, which is quite common in Japan even for large amounts;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Pay-easy system by ATM (requires a registration at the tax office);
  • Online payment (requires a registration online or at a tax office).


The spoken language in local tax offices will be in Japanese. A sufficient knowledge of Japanese will be required for the process. However, it is possible to appoint an English-speaking tax accountant to deal with this procedure.

Important to bear in mind is that all taxes up for payment, after the closing of the financial year, have a due payment date within the same aforementioned 2 months and no extension is possible. Delayed tax payments, even with a mere 1 working day, are subject to separate fines.


Source: Rob Van Nylen, Accounting and Taxes (EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation Report)