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24-03-15 to 24-03-15 | 10:30 h - 11:30h GMT +1

Webinar 36: Organic and Health Foods in Japan

What are the characteristics of the Japanese market for organic and health food?  Which future market development can be expected and how can the attitude of Japanese consumers towards organic and health foods (from abroad) be described? How can European companies enter the Japanese food market in an efficient and effective way? 


Foodex is the largest food exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region and has been in operation for over 35 years. The Japan-based exhibition welcomes over 70,000 visitors annually, 60% of whom are repeat visitors, and functions as an industry hub for global buyers. The fair is held in March every year.

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About Food & Beverage

Japan’s status as a cultural superpower is perhaps best exemplified by the global popularity of Japanese cuisine.

Functional & Health Foods

The Japanese food market was valued at US$ 769.5 billion in 2017. It presents element of a well-developed industry regarding aspects ranging from retail to hotel, restaurant and institutional food service.


The Japanese population is a traditional consumer of seafood, but meat consumption has increased gradually over recent years, especially among the younger generations.

Processed & Frozen Foods

The Japanese processed food market has traditionally been regarded as difficult to enter.


Japan is the fourth biggest import country in the world for dairy products.


A positive outlook can be highlighted for the Japanese confectionery market: It represents the sixth-largest domestic market in the world, with retail sales of US$ 9.4 billion in 2017.


Japan is both one of the world’s most technologically advanced nations and also a small-scale agricultural producer, making it a major importer of wheat and other cereals.


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