Tokyo Olympics organizing committee to publish tender opportunities for SMEs on designated website

Nikkei Online reports on December 15 that the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will start publishing its tenders on the “Business Chance Navi 2020” website from April 2017. It is expected that the Committee will place orders for goods for temporary facilities, such as tents and fences and equipment for the Olympic Village.

TMG starts Tokyo2020 business opportunity portal for SMEs in April 2016

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will launch a portal for SMEs with business opportunities related to Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Named "Business Change Navi 2020" the site will gather and publish tender opportunities for SMEs in preparation of the 2020 Games. Modelled after a similar initiative of the London 2012 Olympic Games organizers, the portal is meant to give SMEs better access to opportunities related to the Olympics. 

Hokkaido Prefecture


Main City: Sapporo                                                      

Population: 5,384,000 people, ranking 8/47 prefecture (2015) [1]

Area: 83,456 km[2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Opportunities for EU Companies

Japan offers countless opportunities for expansion and investment. As a nation, it boasts countless world-leading and high-performing sectors in addition to possessing sizeable market segments on which European businesses can capitalise. This chapter provides an overview of current opportunities with the most potential for EU companies.

Table of Contents

  • Opportunities by Market Segment
  • Opportunities by Sector

Okinawa Prefecture


Main City: Naha

Population: 1,434,000 people, ranking 25/47 prefectures (2015) [1]

Area: 2,271 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Kagoshima Prefecture


Main City: Kagoshima

Population: 1,649,000 people, ranking 24/47 prefectures (2015) [1]

Area: 9,132 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Miyazaki Prefecture


Main City: Miyazaki

Population: 1,104,000 people ranking 36/47 prefecture (2015) [1]

Area: 7,735 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Oita Prefecture


Main City: Oita

Population: 1,167,000 people, ranking 33/47 prefecture (2015) [1]

Area: 6,339 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Kumamoto Prefecture


Main City: Kumamoto

Population: 1,787,000 people, ranking 23/47 prefecture (2015) [1]

Area: 7,404 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description


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