Report: Waste Management and Recycling in Japan Opportunities for European Companies (SMEs focus)

About the Report:

This report from the EU-Japan Centre gives an overview of the Japanese waste management and recycling market. It covers legal framework, specific waste streams and concrete examples of waste management in Japan. It is primarily intended for EU Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that consider approaching the Japanese waste market and is meant to give them an overview of this sector, as well as recommendations to take advantage of the business opportunities it offers.

N-EXPO Tokyo

N-Expo (New Environment Exposition) is the largest environmental exhibition in Asia and will enter into its 23rd year in 2014. N-EXPO focuses on New Energy, Resource Recovery/Recycling, Air Pollution, Water Contamination, Soil Contamination and Waste Disposal technologies. The fair is held in May every year.

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21-10-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h Brussels time

Webinar 25: Recycling & Waste Management

What do I need to know about the Japanese waste management and recycling market sector, in order to plan a successful market entry?

About Environment

Japan's pollution levels in air and water have been decreasing consistently and for the first time ever, the share of renewable energies in the total energy production has reached over 15%.


Japanese recycling policy is largely administered at the municipal level, and Japanese local government often possesses the latest in recycling technology. Japanese waste differs significantly from European waste.


The Japanese plastics sector is stable and balanced in terms of the proportion of production to demand. Furthermore, Japan’s strength in this sector is highlighted by the fact that total export volume significantly outweighs that of imports.

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