27-09-19 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h

Technology transfer webinar 29: Appeal proceedings at the JPO and the EPO

What are important differences between the appeal proceedings at the EPO and JPO?

While efforts have been made to harmonize the process of IP prosecution around the world, important differences remain that must be understood in order to achieve efficient prosecution in each jurisdiction. One such example is appeal proceedings before the EPO and JPO.

22-10-19 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

Webinar 146: Japanese-European M&As: Cross-cultural challenges and keys to post-M&A success

Do you want strategic and pragmatic advice on how to deal with Japanese post-M&A challenges?

15-10-19 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

Webinar 145: The Biopharmaceuticals sector in Japan

How can I access the Japanese market as a novel biopharmaceutical product's owner?

08-10-19 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h

Webinar 144: Circular Economy in Japan

What are the characteristics of the Japanese Circular Economy in terms of policy, business and trade?

24-09-19 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 9: Intellectual Property Rights

What should be known about the EPA and intellectual property rights (IPRs)?

03-09-19 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 8: Rules of Origin

What to know before starting trade exchanges with Japan?


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